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You count, you matter.

We are inundated with advice about showing care and concern for our team members at work, our family, our kids but very often we fail to care for the one person who matters most in our lives - you.  Yes, how often have you put others before yourself? Your boss, your work, your family, your parents; they’ve all taken priority ...


When your star performer goes off-track

Derailments don’t only happen to trains, they also happen to people.  People get off-track at work, lose interest in their job and even their personal lives.  How do you get them back on track?  Does talking to them work?  For those people who take to advice, reminding them that they are hurting themselves by not working towards their goals will ...


It’s not training. It’s retraining that you want.

In the military, the drill sergeants tear the "civilian" apart to rebuild a proud, physically fit, and dedicated member of the armed forces.  They do this by placing a significant amount of physical and mental stress on the recruit, and teaching this person the fundamentals of military rules; and the policies, etiquette, and customs of the military service.  The military ...


How true are we to our cause?

This question is asked; for many a time, a client sits across from us with concerns about their previous trainings – not much was gained by their employees.  “Our people must retain things learnt when we send them for training” seems a common enough assertion.  “They must exhibit improvement and greater productivity after the training” would be the communal wish ...