Meet the team of passionate experts from Serassi!


Serassi's Trainers With The Founder VS Tan clockwise (standing – Eric, Ian, Samantha, VS, CS & seated Katey, Nora)


Ian Chee. Principle Trainer and Master Coach, StreetwiseNLP (brand wholly owned by NLP Worldwide Resources Sdn Bhd.

Spend 10 minutes with him and he will know what’s in your heart and mind

That’s no small claim.

Ian’s experience with human dynamics and psychology stem from his nearly 20 years of strategic branding and advertising work. After some soul searching, he realized his life purpose was to empower people to define and take control of their lives.  This purpose has led him on a journey to hone his craft of reading peoples’ inner-most thoughts and understanding the human psyche.

Of what use is that to a corporation and its employees – you ask. There are many applications for this know-how. From recruitment (What is the candidate’s motivation? Is he a right fit?) to development (What’s the person’s hidden potential?) to resolving conflict (What’s the real underlying problem with the employee or the team?).

He might be just the thing that will take your team or your organisation from being ordinary to good and from being good to great.


Samantha Leong

HR expert with the heart for people development

She loves watching people get awards on stage and achieve goals which they first thought they couldn’t.  She holds tons of knowledge and expertise on all matters pertaining to HR from the two decades she spent as a HR manager at an MNC bank.

Meet Samantha – a matronly demeanour with an encouraging smile and a heart-warming word for the people she trains.  Her real passion is bringing out the best in people in areas like customer service, sales and building high performance teams.  She has been throughout ASEAN in her training stints so she is adept at handling different cultures and generations.

She is the real deal; meet her and you’ll certainly agree.


Norazlina Mohd Nor (Nora)

Ask and you shall receive.

You think about a long-time friend and wonder how he/she is doing. Not long after, you receive a call from her wanting to catch up.  Coincidence or the Law of Attraction at work?  Whether you are a believer or not, Nora will share with you proven techniques on how to get more of what you want from life and less of what you don’t.

Combining her skills, knowledge and experience, her training delivery is always lively, interactive and filled with humour. She creates a great connection with her participants as she shows them how to open the doors to success in their careers, their relationships, and their lives. Wanna try and see if you can use the Law of Attraction to overcome an area of challenge in your life right now?


Eric Neoh

The road less travelled.

They say bankers tend to go by the books and are rigid in their ways. Eric breaks these rules. Trained as a corporate banker for the last 22 years, he could have stayed on till his retirement age. Where else can you go when you have accumulated so many years in one industry?

A totally different road apparently. Having been a banking advisor, marketer, coach, mentor and product developer, he found his calling in training and development. As a corporate trainer, you will find that Eric is creative, flexible and elevates his students to a new level with his simplicity. He also has a flair for the English language and can often be found training on topics like Presentation skills, Business English and Writing Skills.

Students love his sense of quirky humour (he takes pictures of the participant’s derriere during training – you’d be surprised at the body language from that) and calm demeanour.  Little, ruffles his feathers – so the toughest of participants are won over by his patience in explaining things and the simple manner in which he presents the information. Thus, inspiring them to bring about a difference in their own lives.


Katey Paczek

She makes back pain go away

Did you know that most back pain is not caused by damage or degeneration or any other physical damage?  Research has shown a strong link between back pain AND inactive lifestyles – whether it is insufficient exercise or a desk-bound job.  This is thought to be aggravated by being overweight and having a poor posture. Four out of five adults suffer from back pain sometime during their lives. In fact, back pain is reportedly one of the most common reasons for a visit to the doctor (and getting a MC).

The good news is – Katey, our medical expert and resident chiropractor is ready to show you how back pain can be prevented. If you already suffer from back pain, she can also offer you simple treatments and provide some alignment to your spine which will often get you and your back into good working condition. Worry not – she’s as gentle as a lamb!


CS Yung

Finance and accounting made fun!

With 35 years of working experience (auditing, financial accounting, treasury functions, administration, general management) and lots of qualifications under his belt, CS certainly has the know-how.

So do lots of others, but what sets him apart is that CS delivers with his own brand of entertainment and education – EDUTAINMENT. He transforms a dry subject into something that is interesting so that participants happily remember and apply what is learnt. Now, isn’t that what effective training is all about?